When a vampire crashes a wedding and steals a bridesmaid’s heart…


Bridesmaid yet again. The only difference is this time I think my boyfriend wants to propose, ruining my cousin’s big day, and I’m not allowed to run away. A sexy charismatic man, too good to be true, invites me to dance, and I’m lost in his arms.


A crowded venue with free-flowing booze, beautiful women, and high-class style calls me like a beacon. But I’m only here to exact revenge. Flirting with a gorgeous woman and making her idiot elf boyfriend jealous is only the cream on top of the delicious sundae. 

Vampire’s Distraction, a short bonus wedding scene where the two main romance leads first meet, can be read before or after book 1, Vampire’s Deception, a steamy paranormal romance series with vampires, elves, and witches and a whole lot of bad blood between them.

Think Hell is above filing incident reports? Think again!

The exclusive behind-the-scenes report from the King of Hell, detailing what happened during the spell that “successfully” turned Nick Barnes into a demon.

Demon Curse, book 1 in the Demon Cat Chronicles is available now!

If you like a band of misfits, sympathetic antiheroes, and a dash of humor, you’ll love Marie Flynn’s urban fantasy series. The angels and demons in this series are not religious.

Grab your copy now and strap in for a thrilling ride…