When a vampire crashes a wedding and steals a bridesmaid’s heart…


Bridesmaid yet again. The only difference is this time I think my boyfriend wants to propose, ruining my cousin’s big day, and I’m not allowed to run away. A sexy charismatic man, too good to be true, invites me to dance, and I’m lost in his arms.


A crowded venue with free-flowing booze, beautiful women, and high-class style calls me like a beacon. But I’m only here to exact revenge. Flirting with a gorgeous woman and making her idiot elf boyfriend jealous is only the cream on top of the delicious sundae. 

Vampire’s Distraction, a short bonus wedding scene where the two main romance leads first meet, can be read before or after book 1, Vampire’s Deception, a steamy paranormal romance series with vampires, elves, and witches and a whole lot of bad blood between them.


My brave mother is killed in battle, defending our kind against an elf invasion. Now the humans want to destroy us while we’re still recovering, and this time, I’m not standing by. Except my father, our elf clan leader, refuses to allow me to fight, revealing he has promised my hand and body to the rival elf clan for peace, and I’m horrified. While trying to stand up for myself, my father imprisons me, and I have to make the ultimate choice—breed for the enemy or be hunted for the rest of my immortal life.

The dramatic war-torn backstory of the FMC in a steamy paranormal romance series featuring a snarky and smoking hot bad boy with a heart of gold, the woman he protects from her mortal enemies, and a gritty hidden world of feuding vampires, witches, and elves in small town Marinette, Wisconsin. Perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries and angsty supernatural soap operas!

She’s sent back in time to prevent an innocent man’s murder, but she wasn’t supposed to fall for him…or was she?

Starving artist April McCall tolerates her job for her brother’s sake, and when her boyfriend proposes, she can’t decide if good enough is good enough any longer. Promised a distraction, April accepts her quirky roommate’s dream experiment, but as she’s drifting off, she’s given a surprising mission: Prevent Sam Hartley’s arrest in 1852, otherwise he will be murdered.

In 1852 Wisconsin, Sam Hartley wishes to return to blacksmithing, where he can use his hands to create, but until something is done about his tyrannical boss, he’s trapped. When an extraordinary woman comes asking for him, escalating threats and her suspicious knowledge force him to keep her close. But too soon he must decide if risking her safety is worth mending his heart.

Time’s running out, and April must choose between her mediocre boyfriend and 1852, risking her life to save the man who stole her heart.

If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, swoon-worthy heroes, and sassy ladies in a small town setting, you’ll love Stephanie Flynn’s Matchmaker series. Get your FREE sample now!

A woman scorned by a thief.
A pirate captain on the hunt to change his stars.

Scammed by the man she trusted, all Emily wants is a fun day with her friends at the Tall Ships festival to forget about him and her lost life savings. When she and her best friend put on necklaces purchased from a vendor, she’s sent back in time to 1715, alone.

A sexy pirate captain saves her life, but he steals her only way home. Angry at another thief, Emily pretends to be a man and joins the crew, but her vain efforts only bring her closer to the captain, and he’s not what she expected. Emily finds herself trying to prove she can handle him and the crew, but if he finds out she’s a woman, it means her death, and the captain’s secret could destroy her forever.

If you like swashbuckling cinnamon roll pirates, bold women who know what they want, a steamy forbidden romance, and an adventure on the high seas, you’ll love the Pirates in Time trilogy. Get your FREE sample now!

Think Hell is above filing incident reports? Think again!

The exclusive behind-the-scenes report from the King of Hell, detailing what happened during the spell that “successfully” turned Nick Barnes into a demon.

Demon Curse, book 1 in the Demon Cat Chronicles is available now!

If you like a band of misfits, sympathetic antiheroes, and a dash of humor, you’ll love Marie Flynn’s Demon Cat Chronicles, featuring demons, angels, witches, vampires, shifters, and zombies.

What happens in Hell City stays in Hell City. Kind of…

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