Days to Hide

Days to Hide: A Protector Romantic Suspense with Time Travel (Matchmaker in Time Book 3)

Thrust back in time, she’s on a mission to save a good man turned bandit. Joining the notorious outlaws isn’t part of the plan.

Becca Wagner quits her job after her ex-husband flaunts his new life at her desk. Before she can beg for her job back, Becca’s asked to participate in a dream study with promises of healing. Eager for any distraction, she accepts, but she’s given an unusual task: Convince a farmer to accept a crooked sheriff’s deal, otherwise he will be killed.

In 1854 Wisconsin, farmer Jonathan Arris turned bandit and carries the burden of guilt. Quitting isn’t an option–the bandits murder anyone who escapes. When a frustrating woman inserts herself in his business, it’ll take everything he’s got to keep them both alive. And when the woman steals his heart, he finally finds a reason to fight back.

Becca must decide between two futures—the present, where she’s jobless but safe, or the past, where she has to risk her life to follow her heart.

Rustic 1800s town with Seconds to Act and a pocket watch showing 1854.
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