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Demon Cat Chronicles

If you like a band of misfits, sympathetic antiheroes, a dash of humor, and no romance, you’ll love Marie Flynn’s kick-ass Demon Cat Chronicles, featuring angels, demons, witches, vampires, shifters, and pockets of zombies.

Twice Cursed is undergoing a major overhaul during Oct 2023.

Demon Experiment cover. Man with flaming hand with underground city nightscape.
Demon Experiment, Demon Cat Chronicles Special Report
Man with glowing eyes, a fire spear, magical green test tube, and flowing hair in front of minty colored night city scape.
Demon Curse, Demon Cat Chronicles Book 1
A magic grumpy demon cat in front of a motley group of people in a minty night cityscape.
Twice Cursed, Demon Cat Chronicles Book 2

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