Pirates in Time omnibus

Pirates in Time Complete Trilogy: A Protector Romantic Suspense with Time Travel

A complete omnibus of swashbuckling, swoon-worthy pirate adventures!

Pirate’s Prize
A woman scorned by a thief.
A pirate captain on the hunt to change his stars.

Scammed by the man she trusted, all Emily wants is a fun day with her friends at the Tall Ships festival to forget about him. When she and her best friend put on necklaces purchased from a vendor, she’s sent back in time to 1715, alone. A sexy pirate captain saves her life and steals her only way home.

Pretending to be a man, Emily joins the crew and attempts to retrieve her magic necklace, but her vain efforts only bring her closer to the thief, and he’s not what she expects. Emily finds herself trying to prove she can handle him and the crew, but if he finds out she’s a woman, it means her death, and the captain’s secret could destroy her forever.

Pirate’s Treasure
A brokenhearted woman falls through time.
A pirate captain fueled by vengeance.

Moments before Angela’s wedding she was humiliated and left brokenhearted. Now she’s only looking for a commitment-free good time. Her best friend drags her to the Tall Ships festival with promises of some pirate booty for the night. Except Angela ends up in a different world, and the sexy captain saves her from her greatest fear, but touching him is forbidden.

Captain Price doesn’t care about the gold, but if he can bribe the crew, he will. Nothing is going to stop him from vengeance against the Spanish warship responsible for his brother’s murder. Until she appears. Protecting her from the crew’s baser desires, she’s everything Captain Price always wanted, but he can’t turn his back on his promise, even if it kills him. She just might be the one person capable of saving him.

Pirate’s Plunder
A police officer desperate to save lives.
A reckless pirate captain looking to self-destruct.

Robin had broken the cardinal rule: no dating colleagues. Now the entire police department knows private details of who she didn’t take to her bed, and she’s given up on finding the mythical unicorn. When a handsome but disheveled man at the Tall Ships festival spouts crazy details of a long lost world, Robin is determined to help the mentally ill man. Even if it means believing in fairy tales and losing her heart in the process.

Reputation, a pirate’s most valuable prize, but not to Captain Riley. He only wants to give the crew the ultimate prize, because it will bring him to his long lost family. But a traitor from his past reappears, and before Riley can stop yet another betrayal, he’s transported to a foreign world of shiny beasts, amazing cooling devices, and strange food. But when his rescuer follows him home, can he protect her from the plan he’d already set in motion?

Pirates in Time complete series by Stephanie Flynn
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