Pirate’s Plunder

Pirate's Plunder: A Swashbuckling Time Travel Romance (Pirates in Time Book 3)

A police officer desperate to save lives.
A reckless pirate captain looking to self-destruct.

By dating colleagues, Robin Hall had broken the cardinal rule at work, and now that mistake is following her around like a buzzing bee. Robin wants an escape, but she’d promised her friends she’d join them at the Tall Ships festival. While desperately searching for them, a handsome but disheveled man spouts crazy details of a historical world, and she’s determined to help the mentally ill enthusiast. But what if he’s telling the truth?

Reputation, a pirate’s most valuable prize, but not to Captain Riley. He only wants to give his crew the ultimate prize—both showering the crew in riches and bringing him to his long-lost family. But a traitor from his past reappears, and before Riley can stop yet another betrayal, he’s transported to a foreign world of shiny beasts, amazing cooling devices, and strange food. When his rescuer follows him home, can he protect her from the plan he’d already set in motion?