Pirate’s Prize

Pirate's Prize: A Protector Romantic Suspense with Time Travel (Pirates in Time Book 1)

A woman scorned by a thief.
A pirate captain on the hunt to change his stars.

Scammed by the man she trusted, all Emily wants is a fun day with her friends at the Tall Ships festival to forget about him. When she and her best friend put on necklaces purchased from a vendor, she’s sent back in time to 1715, alone.

A sexy pirate captain saves her life and steals her only way home. Pretending to be a man, Emily joins the crew and attempts to retrieve her magic necklace, but her vain efforts only bring her closer to the thief, and he’s not what she expects. Emily finds herself trying to prove she can handle him and the crew, but if he finds out she’s a woman, it means her death, and the captain’s secret could destroy her forever.

Pirate ship sailing under a clock in the sky into the sunset with palm leaves and sea gulls.
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