Pirate’s Treasure

Pirate's Treasure: A Protector Romantic Suspense with Time Travel (Pirates in Time Book 2)

A brokenhearted woman falls through time.
A pirate captain fueled by vengeance.

An enlightening text hours before her I-do ceremony left Angela Foxe brokenhearted and cursing technology. Having decided no decent guys are left, Angela is only interested in a good time, and at the Tall Ships festival, she intends to fulfill that wish with a little pirate booty. Instead, she finds herself transported to 1715.

Captain Price doesn’t care about the gold, but if he can bribe the crew, he will. Nothing is going to stop him from vengeance against the Spanish warship responsible for his brother’s murder, knowing it will cost his life. When a woman appears on his ship, challenging everything he believes in, Price will have to choose which future he wants. She just might be the one person capable of saving him.

Pirate's Treasure by Stephanie Flynn
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