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Blue eyed brunette Caucasian woman in winter coat smiling.

Stephanie Flynn has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, which only reinforced her calling to write for a living. In between chasing her kids around, she writes action-packed paranormal romance and time travel romance.

She lives in Michigan, USA, with her family and a herd of cats who bat everything off her desk, including her sanity.


Writing as Stephanie Flynn:

Immortal Protector series

1. Vampire’s Distraction
2. Vampire’s Deception
3. Vampire’s Secret
4. Vampire’s Promise

Matchmaker in Time series

0.5 Minutes to Live
1. Seconds to Act
2. Hours to Arrive
3. Days to Hide
4. Years to Savor

Pirates in Time series

1. Pirate’s Prize
2. Pirate’s Treasure
3. Pirate’s Plunder

Time travel short stories

One Crazy Time
Fateful Time

Writing as Marie Flynn:

Demon Cat Chronicles series
0.5 Demon Experiment special report
1. Demon Curse
2. Twice Cursed
3. Stakes Up


Coming soon!


Coming soon!