Stakes Up

Stakes Up: A Supernatural Urban Fantasy Suspense (Demon Cat Chronicles Book 3)

Release date to be determined!

One demon still trapped in a cat.
Plus one supernatural murder mystery.
The recipe to save the world is within reach, if the man-witch can cook.

iKat is settling in with his motley group of hunters, who only periodically want to whack his head off. It’s truly a notable improvement. But he’s not content to watch his catatonic corpse wrapped with holiday lights blinking cheerily in the corner of the hunter’s cabin. All attempts to return himself to himself have failed. And the answer isn’t in The King of Hell’s duplicate grimoire. While the hunters argue about returning to Hell for the original copy—and hunting down and killing Nick Barnes as promised—Corvina alerts them to a murder.

But this one was far more interesting than usual. Packing up his volunteers, iKat tracks down the scene, and the victim is none other than the face haunting his wiped memories. Before he can investigate the gravity of the situation, they’re ambushed. And a fatal wound draws out Corvina’s true nature, shifting their group dynamic forever.

While the man-witch scrambles to cook up a spell to protect Corvina from her powerful enemies, she and iKat find the answer to saving the world. But iKat’d have to give up his crew entirely and become a subservient slave for The King of Hell—a carrot even the laziest rabbit wouldn’t bother with. Until the king offers him a chance to return to his body before Mittens’s remaining lives are over.

A slave for Hell or death? Decisions, decisions…

If you like a band of misfits, sympathetic antiheroes, and a dash of humor, you’ll love Marie Flynn’s Demon Cat Chronicles, featuring demons, angels, witches,  shifters, and pockets of zombies. Must be read in order.

Join iKat and his motley crew in a hellishly hysterical head-scratcher!