Twice Cursed

Twice Cursed: A Supernatural Urban Fantasy Suspense (Demon Cat Chronicles Book 2)

Available in eBook and print—hardcover, paperback, and large print paperback. eBooks are available at all major retailers and upon request at public libraries. It’s also available with subscription program Kobo Plus!

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One demon trapped in a cat.
One harebrained plan to steal his body back.
A recipe for disaster.

Malaikat, a demon new to the corporate cubicle, dreams of promoting to Field Agent and impressing the king. But when The King of Hell punishes him for borrowing a sandwich from the office fridge, loyalties shatter. Now iKat is trapped inside a furball’s body, and if he stays inside the cat too long, it’s permanent.

Ejected back to the surface, iKat needs to round up some muscle with opposable thumbs to do his dirty work, and he found just the motley group—a demon hunter, a man-witch (but don’t say that to his face), a garbageman with a target on his head, and a college student with an unusual secret.

All they have to do is break into a demon-guarded, magic-warded Hell dungeon. But wolf shifters are tracking their every move, and a friend would rather kill iKat than risk him returning to his former self—whoever he was.

Piece of cake—the kind baked fresh in Hell’s kitchen, complete with chocolate ganache and grenades.

If you like a band of misfits, sympathetic antiheroes, and a dash of humor, you’ll love Marie Flynn’s Demon Cat Chronicles, featuring demons, angels, witches, shifters, and pockets of zombies. Must be read in order.

Join iKat and his motley crew in a hellishly hilarious heist today!