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She wants a single night of fun. He wants a little more. But a new enemy decides he wants it all.

It’s 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and college student Kiko Hada studies hard to become a marriage counselor, because her parents fight all waking hours. Frustrated with her inability to concentrate, she takes a night off to rent a movie. At the local Blockbuster, her plans are thwarted when a handsome man intends to rent the last copy of the movie she wants. Kiko decides to treat herself just a little more, not planning a one-night stand changing her life forever.

Lonely real estate agent Kiyoshi Takai is smitten when he meets a shy bookworm who turns into a bedroom vixen. The next morning, the brainy beauty rejects a future date with him, and Kiyoshi is crushed. While planning how to find her, their paths cross again, but Kiyoshi isn’t the only one who wants her. Can he protect Kiko long enough to forge the relationship he yearns for?