Hello and welcome! I’m Stephanie Flynn and I write time travel romance under my own name. My pen name, Marie Flynn, writes urban fantasy. Each has a separate newsletter, so sign up for whichever you enjoy–or both if you want!

Stephanie Flynn's Time Travel Romance

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Marie Flynn's Urban Fantasy

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Adventure, danger, passion…stirred.

Stephanie Flynn has a bachelor’s degree in accounting which has nothing to do with her career writing action-packed romance filled with adventure, suspense, and danger. She lives in Michigan, USA, with her husband and kids, and she spends her writing time surrounded by normal cats and a not-so-normal macaw, wishing she liked coffee and knew how to mix a drink. She also writes urban fantasy under Marie Flynn.

Misfits who attempt to save to world more often than they doom it.

Marie Flynn is the author of the Demon Cat Chronicles and a big fan of the gray area between good and evil. She loves stories with supernatural beings who go bump in the night and some that slay during the day. She lives in Michigan, USA, with her family and a small horde of demonoid cats, from which she draws endless inspiration. She also writes time travel romance under Stephanie Flynn.